The Future of Work

Work remains the constant of modern life.

So what does tomorrow hold and how do we best prepare for it?


As we start off 2020, we look at the future of work and the things
we need to thrive in it.

Our dive into our changing professional landscape has two elements:
­— A collection of preliminary data and reflections gathered within our community: The Hybrid Humans Report.
— A live event, where we share cases of great work cultures + facilitate an open conversation: The Future of Work Forecast

What we explore: The Hybrid Humans Report

We asked our community
to share their reflections
within three future areas

How much of your job
requires "hard skills"
versus "soft skills"?

1. Changing roles:
Gone are the days of narrow work descriptions, when we could show up to work and do only what we do best. Today, job roles are fusing together.

2. Happiness at work:
We have seen that job roles are changing and posing new – both positive and more difficult – challenges for us as professionals.

3. New forms of education:
We look at the way in which people are learning new skills today, and how we can build an educational system that fits a changing labor market.

Scope of our research: An indicator of trends

We have talked to a focus group of 125 future workers. We focused on these voices, because they are a part of companies, where work is deeply fluid and there is an openness to new approaches. They are all employed within startups and born after 1982. Our research is qualitative and limited in scope. The findings should be seen as early signs of future work trends and a foundation for discussing where work is headed.

Part 1: Changing Roles

Preview of our
key findings

What skill(s) do you feel that you will need in five years that you don’t have right now?

Is your role increasingly overlapping into others?

We discuss and elaborate on the themes from The Hybrid Humans Report

Future of Work Forecast

Talent Garden Rainmaking

Learn from companies like these:

SoundboksOn how they are building a new kind of work culture from scratch
AbzuOn implementing self-leadership on all levels of their company


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